Breath New Life Into Your Cooking with Microgreens

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Uses for crystallized rose petals
Microgreens are great additions to many dishes and meals but you can be forgiven for not knowing much about them, even if you consider yourself to be a ?foodie? because they are still relatively new on scene. Chefs in San Francisco began adding them to their cuisines in the 1980s. It took a while for them to really catch on due to the fact that few people know how to grow microgreens. In fact, the trend stayed in California until about 1998 when they began to pop up on menus across the country. What are microgreens? Microgreens are basically younger versions of many of the salad vegetables most people use all the time such as arugula, Swiss Chart and beetroot. When the leaves are picked jus

What You Didn’t Know About The Food World’s Littlest Hero Micro Greens!

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Basil crystals
You just sat down at the newest gourmet restaurant in town and an appetizer is set down in front of you which makes use of small greens and little edible flowers. What are they, you ask? They’re micro greens! Here are three things you didn’t know about those little greens that foodies everywhere are going nuts over! 1.) They’re delicious! If you think you can lump these delicate-looking micro greens into the same category as that parsley sprig that you usually push aside and write off as decoration, you’re wrong. Dead wrong! These little babies are full of flavor. They accent any kind of dish. And the gourmet chef in the kitchen knows exactly how to pair micro greens with appetizers and entrees to