Are You Looking for a Way to Eat More Healthy This Holiday Season?

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Your youngest daughter has taken over the holiday decorating, and if she has her way she will also take over the menu planning. She loves to run and has a knack for eating items that are both healthy and tasty. Her latest obsession is organic micro greens and she loves to add them to salads, as well as vegetables. True leaves microgreens offer both a pleasing appearance and the nutrients you need to be your best self. Whether it is a parent selecting menu items for a child or a teenager trying to revamp the foods that her parents are eating, there are a number of ways that can help you end this year eating the best way possible.
From tasty meals at home to elaborate meals at a restaurant, there are many times when organic micro greens can provide the best finishing touch, and taste. Although fancy microgreens and edible flowers were once things that were only seen at the most expensive of res

The Basics of Edible Flowers

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Candied flowers
What exactly are edible flowers? Most people definitely don’t think this means real flowers; if you’ve ever walked through a garden and tasted a tulip or petunia petal, you probably know that flowers aren’t the most appetizing of plants when eaten on their own.
The thing is, when you add a crystallization process into the mix, you end up with delicious and beautiful accents that are real flowers and taste great.
Don’t believe it?
Think about herbal teas, for example. It’s very common to see teas that are infused with lavender, hibiscus, or rose flavorings. These flavors are delicious when they’re assembled with the right ingredients, and this is exactly why edible flowers can taste great