3 Party Snack Ideas You Can Incorporate Classic Salsa Into

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Greek yogurt dip for veggies
Salsa is technically just the Spanish word for sauce, but classic salsa in the form most Americans are familiar with is actually a Mexican-inspired cuisine. Today, there are numerous salsa brands, each with their own individual salsa recipes some spicy, others mild, but they typically all contain tomato, peppers, and onion. Considering nine out of 10 Americans don?t eat enough vegetables daily, classic salsa makes for a smart snack option too.
While chips and salsa makes a great snack option in itself, you might want to go a little farther for your next party or social gathering. Here are three ways to incorporate one of everyone’s favorite snacks, classic salsa, into other party snacks.

  1. Mini Quesadillas: Choose what you want inside, usually a combination of

Discover the Latest Hummus Recipes

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Hummus nutrition
Hummus spread originated in many centuries ago in the ancient Middle East. The discovery of the earliest hummus recipes can be attributed to the growing conditions found in this specific area of the world. As the the soil and climate were ideal for the growth of chickpeas, hummus eventually became one of the most widely foods of middle eastern people. While there are still many Americans who are yet to try hummus recipes of any kind, hummus has been popular for many years among vegetarians, vegans, and people with more adventurous tastes. As people in the United States continue to discover hummus, there are several varieties of hummus spreads available at just about every supermarket chain. Whether one prefers traditiona