It’s All In The Presentation Why Edible Microgreens Are Reviving The Upscale Restaurant Industry

Written by Healthy Eater. Posted in Edible flowers for salads, Mint crystals, What are some edible flowers

A lot of work goes into preparing a single dish.

You have the efforts of chefs who make sure food is cooked to order. You have restaurant owners that put a lot of time and thought into crafting meals that appeal across multiple demographics. When it comes to putting on a performance before fork ever touches food, micro green varieties remain the proverbial showstopper. Delicate candied flowers and bright edible herb crystals go a long way in making your creations stand out, giving them a sense of style that will be talked about long after the meal has come to a close. Micro green varieties, however, take a special hand to cultivate.

Have you thought of adding microgreens to salads or embellishing your pastries with edible lavender flowers? Here’s why you should consider making the plunge and giving your customers a little extra something to look forward to.