Three of the World’s Best Latin American Cocktails

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Ceviche recipe
Latin American cuisine is loaded with some of the most satisfying dishes on the planet. There’s arroz con pollo, tamales, empanadas, ceviche, enchiladas, gorditas, churros, chile relleno, carne asada — the list goes on — but what about the drinks? The bebidos?
Here are a few of the best recetas de cocina to help you wash your food down.
Mojitos are one of the most favorited recetas de cocina around the world. To make them, you’ll need a dozen fresh leaves of mint, an entire lime’s worth of juice, an ounce of simple syrup, two ounces of white rum, and two ounces of club soda. Muddle the mint first, and then add the simple syrup a

Three Tips to Help You Nail That Tres Leches Recipe

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When I think of Hispanic food, I don’t think about ceviche, empanadas, or even flan; tres leches is the very first thing that crosses my mind — spongy yellow cake, sticky sweet frosting, and triple milk syrup which gives the cake its name throughout. Tres leches to me is what all recetas de postres should be.
Without a doubt, one of the reasons why this glowing example of classic recetas de postres turns out so delicious is because you have to put so much work into it. You have to use the right kinds of milk and cream, you need to make sure all of the ingredients in the cake are just right — it’s