Salsa Spices Up The Week Night

Written by Healthy Eater. Posted in Classic mild salsa dip

Fresh salsa
So, it’s no secret that TexMex cuisine is all the rage. Going out for some south of the boarder cuisine is great for dates and family gatherings alike. One of the most crucial ingredients for any successful Mexican dish is salsa. If you have a good assortment of fresh salsa choices, chances are you have a good meal. Most recipes using salsa will be in the dip family. Some different types of salsa dips include, classic mild salsa dip, pico de gallo salsa dips, and other assorted southwestern salsa recipes. There are however creative recipes using salsa that we can enjoy has well. Here are a few that I particularly enjoy. The first of our recipes using salsa is chipotle chili. This is a great one for a cold week