The Honey Bee, Nature’s Most Precious Creature


Honey bear

Bees are perhaps one of the most important living creatures on the planet, primarily because they’re play a large part in pollinating our plants that give us much needed oxygen. It’s difficult to imagine what kind of world we would live in if we didn’t have bees. Would we even have a world to live in? Along with their pollinating skills, bees are also prized for their honey-making abilities, so its no wonder that many people across the globe have pursued jobs as beekeepers and invested in beekeeping tools like a beekeeping kit to keep bees safe and thriving.

To touch on the topic of pollination a bit more, how extensive of a role do honeybees play? Well, for starters they’re responsible for cross-pollination, effectively pollinating anywhere between 30 and 90 percent of wild plants around the world. That’s a lot of plant life that rely on bees to reproduce. To put things into perspective a little more, bees in the US alone pollinate an estimated $15 million every year in crops.

What about honey? The real question is, who doesn’t like honey? People consumer buckets full of honey every day. It’s one of the most popular condiments and is used by people the world over in their tea or coffee, baked goods, and even as part of their beauty regime. As a natural product, honey is absolutely chuck full of the good stuff, like antioxidants and valuable vitamins and minerals. Bee pollen alone is nearly 50 percent of pure protein and amino acids. With all of its benefits, it’s no wonder why honey has nearly doubled in price since 2006. And that number isn’t expected to slow down, either. Not when you consider the fact that an estimated 1.3 pounds of honey is consumed by the average American each year. That’s a lot of honey, and to keep up with demand, businesses are operating around the clock. Honey plants like those found in North Dakota are capable of producing 33 millions pounds of bulk honey each year.

So who takes care of the precious bees that make our honey and pollinate our plants? The answer is simple. Beekeepers, using a beekeeping kit and other tools and tricks of the trade are able to care for the bees so they continue producing honey and pollinating plants. Beekeepers and their beekeeping tools, like the beekeeping kit and other useful beekeeping equipment, are actually one of the barriers in place protecting honeybees from extinction. Some worry that with all the pesticides being used on crops nowadays, honeybees are beginning to disapear. That’s why the life of a beekeeper is particularly important.

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