The Differences Between Prime Rib, Ribeye Steak, and Tomahawk Steak

What is the difference between different kinds of steaks? In this video, primerib steaks are compared with ribeye and tomahawk steaks. Watch to learn more!

Primerib steaks can be bought either boneless or with bone, it just depends on your preference. A primerib steak is a much bigger cut of steak than a ribeye.

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A popular steak trend as of late is the cooking of tomahawk steaks. These are actually just ribeye steaks on really long beef bones. With primerib steaks, these beef bones are cut off but the meat is essentially the same. Primerib steaks are pretty much ribeye steaks that are cut away from the bone for an easier serving.

While the taste can vary depending on the cooking method, all primerib steaks are essentially just bigger ribeye steaks. The main key to differentiating these different steak cuts is less about which kind you buy, but more about how they are cooked. Someone who is proficient in cooking steaks can make just about any cut taste amazing. If you prefer something with the beef bone taste, you might prefer a tomahawk steak, but if you are just after the most meat possible, you’ll want a primerib steak. It all really comes down to personal preference.

If you have any questions about steaks, their different flavor profiles or cooking methods, reach out to a local expert for more tips and tricks.

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