Seafood in Cajun Cuisine and the Health Benefits for Americans


Food is such a big part of people’s lives, but we don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about it. Although we need it in order to survive, we don’t always give it the attention it deserves. However, there are some people who are truly food connoisseurs who spend a lot of time thinking about different types of cuisine.

One very popular type of cuisine is seafood and there are varying qualities of seafood that can be sold and eaten. If someone is very familiar with seafood, they can usually tell the difference between low-grade seafood and high quality seafood.

For example, you would probably be able to enjoy better quality seafood at a seafood waterfront restaurant, compared to a large chain restaurant that sells seafood. There are many different types of seafood out there, such as direct to consumer seafood and fresh Alaska seafood. You might also be interested in where you can eat sustainable seafood and find fresh fish overnight. Regardless of the type of seafood that you are looking for, there are many different varieties available — whether you are looking for shrimp, fish, lobster, crab, mussels, or something else. There is a lot that is worth learning about different types of seafood.

There is much to consider of Cajun cuisine and its special nature. Delicious seafood of all sorts is available in the Bayou, with crawfish being one of the most popular items. Throughout this area, Creole and Cajun cuisine are two different foods and cultures that you have the ability to experience. They are not far apart, a mere 70 miles. There is a great deal to experience in the area at all times of the year.

History of Cajun Cuisine in the U.S.

Cajun food dates back to the 18th century in America. It exists throughout the southern states and came into the country with Acadian immigrants who had fled Canada at the time. Now, Cajun specialties are known for their hearty and spicy flavor along with being an overall unique menu.

Amazing Crawfish and Cajun Cuisine

While it is not a food that you would consider trying when you live outside the Gulf Coast, crawfish is an amazingly popular form of Cajun seafood. Dating back to 1880 in the United States, the first crawfish harvest was over 23 tons and valued at $2,140. That is an incredible value.

Even better, there is much to gain from the crawfish that may not seem so visually appealing. A quarter pound of crawfish tails carries only 82 calories, making a light but hearty seafood meal of itself. Many other cajun dishes are spicy or simply creative in nature, containing a great amount of seafood.

Health Benefits of Cajun Cuisine and Seafood

Seafood is very popular around the world for many reasons. The most common, as reported by 88% of consumers, includes the many health benefits that come from seafood. So, the U.S. is the third highest ranked nation in the world that consumes seafood, with China and Japan being the only two ahead of us.

Even more than just the health benefits of seafood alone, there are the seasonings and spices used in Cajun cuisine that are often shown to have positive health effects. In the areas where there is so much fresh seafood available, healthy cuisine at casual restaurants is easily accessed, with the ability to have a healthy diet while still eating out. Considering the fact that about a third of Americans dine out casually once a week, seafood is a healthy option for these meals.

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