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Healthy meal

As science and medicine continue to unravel the secrets behind human longetivity, maintaining healthy eating habits, along with adequate exercise, is usually at the top of the list. To eat healthy foods is the best way to ensure that you are providing your body with the necessary fuel to reach its full potential, both in terms of living a long life and just feeling good. As informed Americans, we are all aware of the potential health hazards that are seemingly woven into the fabric of the typical American lifestyle.

In the United States we want fast, efficient results. At work, we strive to handle our responsibilities in the fastest and most efficient manner; in many instances, the quicker and more efficiently one works, the higher his or her earning potential. While at home, we want the same thing, quick meals, immediate access to entertainment, and for technology to help make this happen. On the way to and from work, it is too easy to go through the drive thru and grab a doughnut or greasy breakfast sandwich. The same is true at lunch time; many people seldom take the time in the morning to pack a healthy lunch, so they stop at the corner pizzeria for the colossal New York slice or pound and a half, meat lovers hero doused in dressing. Unfortunately, leading this type of lifestyle can make us lose sight of our basic human need to eat healthy foods, and to take the time to prepare healthy meals.

To eat healthy means more than lengthening our lives, but also improving our lifestyles. If a person makes the conscious choice to prepare and eat healthy meals, he or she will also stimulate the endorphins that lead to increased energy, mood, and happiness. As far as exercise is concerned, by choosing to eat healthy meals, the body prepares itself for the demands, and benefits of exercise.

The benefits of choosing to eat healthy foods on a regular basis have been scientifically proven. But it is easy, and tempting, to fall into the modern abyss of unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits. It has come to the point where one must make a conscious choice to live a healthier lifestyle and eat healthy meals. But it is possible. There are fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, freshly prepared salads, and organic foods widely available at almost any supermarket.

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