Keeping Your Wedding Lighthearted and Fun With Tacos


Though the media shows many elaborate weddings taking place every year, many others are choosing a casual route as a way to save money on their big day, or have fun and relate to guests who are looking to have a good time. For these reasons, casual catering is becoming an appreciated direction for many newlyweds who are choosing to turn their wedding into a…taco party! These parties, consisting of a large array of ingredients for the perfect taco pairings that suit the needs of all guests, are a fun way to bring Mexican dishes to your party. Casual catering is growing in popularity as an astounding 50% of women finding their wedding planning to be very stressful, with choosing food dishes as one of the top stressors. If you are somebody who wants to spend less than the reported 11 hours a week planning your wedding, you should leave your dinner matters in the hands of those who understand taco catering and would love to delight your guests!

Tacos: A Casual Catering Choice for Everyone

With Americans consuming over 4 billion tacos per year, it’s no wonder that many are turning to casual catering as their main choice of event catering to make events more lighthearted and keep the focus on the bride and the groom. After all, who wants to leave the guests with choices of meals they don’t even recognize? The average number of guests at any wedding is around 165, which means your caterer will be in charge of a lot of food, leading to a lot of pressure on you, the one planning it all. This is just another reason for casual catering and a taco bar that gives the most options not only to save on money with over a hundred guests, but also to make every single one of those guests happy by the time they leave your wedding.

For When You Want Something Different

Looking back at when you first started planning your wedding, you may have never thought that you would consider an option like casual catering. However, with casual catering growing in popularity as customers leave their hope in the hands of those creating delicious foods, the trend is growing. From pizza for wedding cakes, to hamburgers on the grill for those who have backyard weddings, the choice is yours. Taco catering appeals to nearly everybody, because the statistics don’t lie – over 200 million Americans use Mexican ingredients in their dinners from time to time. Don’t be afraid to take the leap and do something different at your wedding. Consider casual catering to lessen your stress and enjoy your wedding in all areas.

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