Inexpensive Ways Of Healthy Eating


Healthy eating

Healthy meals don’t have to be expensive. There are a lot of great things that you can enjoy as you eat healthy too. You simply need to find some healthy eating strategies to employ that will work for you. For instance, you could try supplementing the typical, large amount of meat with vegetables and legumes. This is the type of healthy eating that other cultures do all the time. In fact, if you’ve ever had real pizza from Italy you’ll see this in action. It’s the Western culture that has decided to add everything else onto it.

Another example of healthy eating occurs in France. There you’ll find pot au feu, which consists of nothing more than some tasty french bread with beef bouillon. Now drop down into Spain and you’ll see that traditional paella is nothing more than a pan fried rice dish that small amounts of meat is added to. Then cross the Mediterranean into North Africa and enjoy the Berber tradition of couscous, which is nothing more than drum wheat pasta with small portions of whatever meat is available.

Whenever you go online in search of recipes for healthy eating you’ll find that the aforementioned dishes are actually quite popular. However, you’ll also find that these dishes have been radically altered by Western culture. If you’re able to escape from the online dominance of Western culture you’ll find people who are eating small amounts of meat with lots of grains, vegetables and legumes as a side dish. For instance, Latin Americans enjoy corn and beans in a lot of their more traditional dishes. This is the way that humans were meant to eat and so if you want to get back to your roots, this is the way that you should also be eating. While it may not seem natural, it really is the only natural way in which to eat.

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