Finding Reefer Units Wholesale to Grow Your Business

reefer units wholesale

It is safe to say that trucks are the backbone of modern shipping and trading in North America, and the United States and Canada make ample use of trucks of all shapes and sizes. These nations are strong trading partners, and a lot of this trade is done at the U.S.-Canada border with countless trucks. The cargo may vary, and this means that truck types are built to match. For cold items such as groceries, a reefer unit will be used. A carrier reefer may be found wholesale by truck carrier companies, and new reefer units wholesale or a gently used one can be a fine investment. What is a reefer trailer, anyway, and how can a carrier manager find the best wholesale reefer units? A newer manager may not be sure how to choose a used reefer trailer, but reefer units wholesale can be searched online for suggestions. A newer manager may also consult experts on how to choose a used reefer trailer for their carrier company. This is a vital part of modern American and Canadian shipping, so the process of how to choose reefer units wholesale is something to take seriously. The results may certainly be worth it.

On Reefer Units

For those unaware, reefer units wholesale are simply truck cargo trailers that has a refrigeration unit built on it to maintain the inner temperature. Put another way, a reefer unit is a fridge on wheels, and a reefer unit’s walls may have better insulation than those of a regular truck. A reefer unit will have a refrigeration unit built on top of it to make this air conditioning possible, and it is a sort of heat pump. A heat pump is any device or utility that manages the transfer of heat from one area of a house or vehicle to another, and reefer units do this all the time in operation. In particular, a reefer unit will draw warmth out of the interior and deposit it to the warmer exterior, the opposite of how natural air balances itself out. By drawing heat from a cooler environment to a warmer one, this reverse pumping keeps a reefer unit’s temperature under control.

Reefer units wholesale themselves may vary in specs from one trailer to another. These trailers may range from 28 to 53 feet in length, and they may be up to 13.5 feet tall. Some trailers may weigh as much as 44,000 pounds at the upper end of the spectrum, allowing them to carry a lot of cargo. Some reefer trailers are certainly bigger than others are, but they all do the same basic job. Most often, these cooled interiors are used for transporting cold good items to grocery stores, such as dairy and frozen packaged foods. These perishable items would suffer if they were inside a regular truck’s warm cargo bay, so instead, grocery stores big and small make use of reefer trucks for their cargo deliveries. Once these reefer units arrive, dock personnel at the grocery store can unload those cold items and transfer them at once to on-site freezer and fridge rooms. Something similar may happen at warehouses, too. Many commercial warehouses have cooler units in them for groceries, and these warehouses may see reefer trucks coming and going.

This makes for a big market, and in fact the demand for reefers is growing. Around 500,000 reefer units are active in the United States today, and the worldwide market for these trucks is on the rise. Experts believe that the global market for refrigerated trailer units will reach a market value of $7.6 billion by the year 2022. Recently, between January 2017 and January 2018, the number of such refrigerated trailer orders grew an impressive 250%. How to choose a used reefer trailer?

A carrier may choose a reefer units wholesale if it has the budget, or a mildly used unit otherwise. A carrier can have professionals inspect a used trailer and ensure that it is in fine working order. And of course, the predicted amount of cargo influences which trailer to buy. A too-small trailer can’t get the job done, and a too-large trailer represents wasted expenses due to leftover room during deliveries.

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