Don’t Be a Chicken 3 Adventurous Ways to Prepare Chicken Wings

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Chicken wings are as America as apple pie, yet it’s hard to believe that these tasty morsels of skin, fat, and goodness where once considered nothing more than soup scraps. Although chicken wings ? and several other parts of the chicken that Americans consider scrap meat ? have been eaten and enjoyed by many cultures throughout the world, it was until 1964 when Teressa Bellissimo popularized the now famous “Buffalo” wing that other American restaurants began serving them as well.

Although wings can be considered fast food and are a popular food delivery, they can be easily prepared at home. And while Buffalo style wings are a mainstay, there are a number of other ways they can be prepared that are just as if not more tasty than their traditional means of preparation. Why not wake your tastebuds up with these sweet, savory, and salty flavor combinations?

Jerk chicken wings

There’s no doubt about it; the small island nation of Jamaica has had a huge cultural impact on the entire world, especially when it comes to cuisine. Jamaica is famous for its delicious street foods and traditional recipes that date back to its pre-Colombian era, such as jerk. Jamaican jerk seasoning is a savory combination of spices that are enhanced in flavor when slowly cooked over charcoals, especially pimento wood. You can bring the taste of the island to your home by marinating chicken wings in jerk seasoning before grilling or baking them. This delightfully delicious combination of spices is highly addictive, so eaters beware!

Honey habanero

Sweet and spicy flavor make everything taste better, especially chicken wings. All you have to do marinate wings in a combination of honey, habanero pepper slices, a touch of raw sugar, salt, and a squirt or two of sriracha sauce and a touch of cumin or smoked paprika for smokiness. Grill or bake low and slow and sink your teeth into some serious, soul satisfying goodness. Just remember to wait for them to cool down!

Garlicky goodness

This flavor combination is totally worth the garlic breath. You can mimic the flavors of the best Latin restaurants in town by marinating wings in a delectable combination of fresh garlic, garlic powder or adobo, pepper, tons of cilantro and plenty of lime juice. These are best grilled but baking will do the trick too. The end result is tender, flavorful, and crisp wings with a punch. Can you say muy delicioso?

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