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It is a sad fact of reality that most people who live in the United States do not eat healthy foods or drink healthy drinks. Instead of watching their diets, these American eaters put anything which looks or smells delicious into their mouths. Instead of purchasing healthy meals (which include the correct number of fruits and vegetables) from their local grocery store, these unhealthy eaters purchase greasy fast food items from their local fast food chains. Instead of complementing their healthy eating habits with regular exercise, these unhealthy Americans prefer to sit on the couch for hours on end; it is a sad fact that many of these unhealthy Americans only exercise once per month (if that). Is is an equally sad fact that even more of these unhealthy Americans die from heart attacks and strokes before their 50th birthdays.

To prevent heart attacks, strokes, and other ailments which could send you to an early grave, millions of American doctors encourage people to eat healthy as often as possible. These doctors disagree about what exactly constitutes an “Eat Healthy” diet. Some doctors suggest that an “Eat healthy” diet contains several fruits and vegetables. Other doctors suggest that an “Eat Healthy” diet downplays fruits and vegetables and instead favors meat and dairy products. Still other doctors suggest that an “Eat Healthy” diet excises meat altogether; instead, this “Eat Healthy” diet only contains vegetables. These debates for raged for decades, and they are unlikely to subside any time soon.

Although these bitter disagreements divide millions of doctors, most doctors nonetheless agree that an “Eat Healthy” diet minimizes the presence of sugar, caffeine, and other unhealthy stimulants. These doctors also urge their patients to stay away from cigarettes and hard liquor, as these habits can severely damage a patient’s lungs and liver. All doctors agree that an “Eat Healthy” diet will not and cannot succeed in preventing heart attacks, strokes, and other potentially fatal ailments unless the person complements an “Eat Healthy” diet with a regular exercise regimen. These doctors suggest that everybody should exercise at least thirty minutes every day; otherwise, they might suffer from a heart attack, stroke, or another ailment before they turn fifty.

These doctors urge patients who struggle with dieting to consult a nutritionist at their earliest convenience. Failing to consult a nutritionist could prevent the patient from developing and sticking to a good diet, which could dramatically shorten his or her life. They also encourage Americans to contract personal trainers who can help them to set and work towards realistic exercise goals that they could probably not attain by themselves.

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