Hummus Provides Protein, Variety and Taste

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Heritage day
Is your favorite afternoon snack as good for you as it is good tasting? At many houses snack time is sometimes full of healthy fruits and vegetables and occasionally alternates to a high carb, high energy quick bite. in other homes, snack time is a calorie and salt filled bag of chips or a sugary handful of cookies. As parents, it is especially important to offer snacks from a variety of food groups. One legume snack that contains healthy amounts of protein is the increasingly popular hummus. Hummus is an Arabic word meaning “chickpeas,” which in some parts of the country are called garbanzo beans. The complete name of the dip most Americans know as “hummus,” means “chickpeas with tahini” in Arabic. Basil Pesto Hummus is most commonly used as a dip for vegetables or pita breads. It can also work well in recipes