4 Tips For Throwing A Modern Tea Party

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Edible flowers
In the tea shop where I work, I get a lot of brides-to-be coming in and asking for tips on how to throw tea party themed showers. I think this is a great idea because the Wedding Industrial Complex encourages lavish fine dining excursions which can run you $28 a plate! The art of the tea party is an elegant home-based activity that will cost you half that, so I thought I would write a few tips on this finer cultural practice that seems to be making a comeback:
1. Serve A Variety Of High Quality Loose Leaf Tea
A lot of people are intimidated by any tea that doesn’t have a bag or say “Lipton.” In reality though, brewing loose leaf tea is relatively inexpensive (you can usually get it for four to six dollars an ounce) and requires only a few specialty items. What’s more, loose leaf tea