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Dazzle Your Taste Buds With Exciting Hummus Recipes

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Hummus calories
The popularity of Hummus spread has enjoyed considerable growth in the United States over the last couple of decades. Although it’s been popular within certain circles for many years, you have probably noticed new varieties of hummus spreads and dips popping up on supermarket shelves. While many Americans are yet to discover even the most basic varieties of hummus spread, hummus has been a staple food in the Middle East for centuries. Even though the exact time frame is uncertain, we do know that ancient Middle Eastern people were the first to discover that they could create a tasty and satisfying food by combining mashed chickpeas with edible spices and oils. Since chickpeas are the considered to be one of the first legumes to be cultivated, it is possible that hummus has been around for more than 5,000 year