The 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Guacamole, Answered


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Whether you’ve made fresh guacamole dips yourself or just opened a package from the grocery store, you’ve probably come across this delicious dip. But how much do you really know about it? These are the top three questions people ask about guacamole.

  1. What Is Guacamole, Exactly?

    Like many dips, the definition of guacamole has expanded as people get creative in their recipes. But most basically, guacamole is condiment made by mashing avocado with salt. Its origin lies in the Aztec empire of Mexico, but it’s now used outside Mexican cuisine, as well. Most common recipes today include lemon or lime juice, garlic and onion. Tomato, peppers, cayenne pepper, cilantro and other seasonings are also sometimes used. Sometimes the texture is manipulated by chopping or dicing the avocado, instead of mashing or pureeing it, or adding other common dip bases such as sour cream and yogurt.

  2. Is Guacamole Healthy, or Not?

    Some guacamole health facts contradict one another, but the bottom line is that guacamole is healthy when consumed in moderation. The ingredients of fresh guacamole dips are healthy, but avocados themselves are not low in calories (a fresh avocado contains over 300 calories). However, it’s important to note that while avocados are high in fat (with about 85% of their calories coming from fat), the kind of fat they contain has been linked to a lower risk of heart disease, just like other healthy but fatty foods such as walnuts or flaxseeds. So while you can’t expect to lose weight eating a big bowl of chips and guacamole every day, guacamole can be a healthful, as well as tasty, addition to a balanced diet.

  3. Are There Recipes Using Guacamole?

    Most people are familiar with fresh guacamole dips, or perhaps a little guac added to a burger. But there are actually many healthy recipes with guacamole that make for hearty lunch or dinner options. In salads, guacamole can replace the creamy texture of salad dressing in a more diet-friendly way, and guacamole can top an omelet for a protein-packed meal. Although traditionally served fresh, guacamole can even be used in baked dishes such as chicken and rice.

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