Testing The Best Cookware


In this video you will learn about testing the best cookware. The best cast iron cookware can outperform any nonstick pan. Prices of these pans range from $20 to $200. Enamel skillets can be traded out for traditional pans. In the video, they cooked a variety of food on each type of pan.

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In the end, different pans had different results. To enamel pans delivered good browning for fatty foods. Sticky foods stuck considerably to the enamel pan. The traditional pans become slicker each time they were cooked on. Traditional cast irons have no maximum temperature they can be cooked on, while some traditional pans have some upper temperature limits such as 400 degrees. All types of pans reviewed will give you good results. A well-seasoned traditional cast iron pan can be pricy, but it was a favorite among the reviewed. Depending on the type of food you are cooking and how often, it is necessary to understand which pan is right for you. If you tend to cook stickier foods in a pan, a non-stick pan should be used over a traditional pan. Though a cast iron skillet tends to be the most expensive option, they usually have the longest life span and have the most to offer in terms of durability and usage.

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