Save money and your back with a bottleless water cooler

Bottleless water dispensers

If you’ve been asked to find a cost saving solution for your company’s consumable water supply, a worry free bottleless water cooler could be the way to go. Point of use water coolers can save your company 80 percent on its bottled water bill. Bottleless water coolers are units that are installed using your building’s water supply and then processed through a high level filtration system. They can dispense chilled and heated water right on the unit. Bottleless water coolers come in a range of sizes including freestanding units or more easily accessible countertop units.

If you’re wondering if you’ll be able to sell the concept of using municipal water as drinking water, consider the fact that almost all bottled water starts with regular tap water that is then filters and bottled. Those unwieldy five gallon bottles have the exact same water as bottleless water coolers minus the back pain.

Since many companies get five gallon bottles of water delivered, they usually have to also allocate storage space for full and empty bottles. Not with a bottleless water coolers! You can free up that space for other uses, which I’m sure you’re boss will like to hear.

Point of use water cooler are also popular at home. Often water that runs through the refrigerator tastes and smells funny. And replacing those heavy five gallon jugs isn’t a lot of fun when you’re carrying them home yourself from the grocery store. It’s not surprising that people like the solution of bottleless water coolers in the home, too.

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