Learn How Bottleless Water Coolers are Better


Bottleless water cooler

Having fresh water available on a constant basis from a dispenser means a reliable thirst quencher is right at your fingertips. So delicious and refreshing, these water coolers are often a place where office employees gather around and visit with each other on a daily basis. This valuable office ritual can be team spirit and loyalty among employees as well as toward their employers.

However, in days past, having this water cooler meant lifting heavy bottles each time the cooler would run dry. In today’s office, bottleless water coolers make life a great deal easier. There is no more heavy lifting and straining when a bottleless water cooler is used.

Indeed, gone are the days when changing out the bottles so that everyone could continue to enjoy fresh water. There is no more precariously balancing bottles atop shoulders as the empty bottle was removed and the new bottle quickly put into place. Today every office can enjoy fresh and delicious water, hot or cold as the need may be, from a bottleless water cooler. They help reduce back strains and pulled muscles as well. Great references here: www.abbeyspring.com Continue reading here.

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