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Italian inspiration can be found everywhere in the food world. It seems like you can’t go several blocks without seeing a pizza restaurant. This is for good reason too. Italian food is has smooth sauce, flavorful garlic, and crispy bread.

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It is a combination that is irresistible for many. Italians have been making this delicious food for generations. In this video, you will learn about a Italian restaurant in Philadelphia that has been passed down for generations.

Ralphs is known for many things. It is now the oldest Italian restaurant in the entire United States. It is also known for its delicious spaghetti and meatballs. Unlike most meatballs, Ralphs’s makes their meatballs with a combination of two distinct types of meat. They use a combination of beef and pork. This gives it the perfect texture that consumers love. It is a little bit silky but not too dense. This meat is them compacted with spices such as garlic. They are then cooked to perfection in oil. Once ready, the meatballs are served with spaghetti and topped with marinara sauce. It is a truly generational meal that the whole family will love. You can’t go wrong with Italian food like this.


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