Healthy Eating for Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health


Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

Over the last 20 years there has been a massive shift in the attitude towards health for Americans. Over two thirds of millennial’s say that they prefer ordering healthy options at restaurants. The SAD (standard American diet) of the past is not going to last much longer. That being said, though a lot of people know that eating healthy is important, there are a lot of myths and misinformation around it.

Many people believe that eating healthy is hard, that it won’t taste good, or that it costs way too much money. False. False. And False. Whether it’s quick meals, healthy food to go, or healthy lunch ideas, there are plenty of ways to improve your eating habits.

The great thing about healthy food to go, is that improving eating habits has far reaching impacts of well-being. In addition to the obvious physical health benefits of eating well, there are also some incredible mental and emotional health benefits.

Healthy Food To Go: Physical, Mental, and Emotional Strength

Here are some of the most fantastic benefits of getting healthy food to go:

Appropriate Weight Management: Eating healthy isn’t just about weight loss, but it can also be about weight gain. Though most people who are looking to eat healthy do it because they have too much fat on their bodies, some do it because they need to add more fat and muscle. Eating healthy can improve your bodies ability to gain or lose weight naturally and as needed to bring your weight into proper balance.

Reduce Risk of Life Threatening Disease: Eating healthy has been linked to reduced risks for all major diseases. This is regardless of your genetic disposition. In fact, there is a train of thought within the scientific community that thinks diseases are more related to diets, which are passed down by families, than they are related to genetics. Eating healthy can reduce the risk for cancer, heart disease, lung disease, and brain disease. This ensures a long life that is also enjoyable.

Increased Mood: Eating healthy meals to go is more than just getting physically in shape and looking good. It also improves your mood. Poor dietary habits have been found to increase symptoms of depression and fatigue. On the flip side, a healthy eating lifestyle has been shown to increase responsiveness, happiness, and over all feelings of optimism.

Increase Self-Confidence: Self-esteem is usually linked to a positive body image. By positive body image, we do not mean having 6 pack abs and 4% body fat. A positive body image means you feel good about your body and your ability to move and live. Shirlye Kaplan from the American Nutrition Association said, “Since mind and body are one entity, the smooth, interrelated functioning of our body parts and our brain chemistry provide the foundation for an inherent sense of wellness.”

Increase Cognitive Performance: In addition to reducing the risk of brain diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer, a healthy food intake can increase cognitive performance at any stage of life. This boost in performance can help with work, school, and general learning.

Increased Energy Levels: The Harvard Medical Center did a study that shows a healthy diet helps provide high, steady energy throughout the day. A healthy diet includes unrefined carbs (such as brown rice, quinoa, lentils, and beans), healthy proteins, healthy fats, and is mostly plant based. As you start eating healthy consistently, you will notice a rise in energy levels throughout the day, helping you feel better and accomplish more.

So whatever your reason is for looking for healthy food to go, remember that eating healthy is a lifestyle change, not a temporary fad diet. Perhaps some of the best advice on healthy eating is from Michael Pollan’s food mantra, “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly Plants.” These simple seven words make healthy eating easy to incorporate into daily routines. Remember, healthy eating can taste delicious, be quick, easy, and fun. Easy healthy meals are our specialty and we are happy to help you find healthy breakfast ideas to spice up your culinary plate!

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