An Interview with Richard Donato, President of Simply Delicious Catering

We recently had the wonderful opportunity to talk with Mr. Richard Donato, President of Simply Delicious Catering. Throughout the course of the interview, we managed to find out how Simply Delicious came to be and just what it is the company does best. We also got a small glimpse into Mr. Donato’s background, which is somewhat unusual for a high-flying catering professional.

Mr. Donato, thanks for taking the time to join us today. Yours is certainly an interesting story. Not all of our readers are familiar with Simply Delicious Catering. Can you tell us a little bit about what you do? What special services does your company pride itself in doing better than anyone else?

Richard Donato: We are in the off-premises catering business, specializing in corporate business meetings and events. We certainly cater private events as well, but our organized professional style is the ideal fit for the needs of our corporate clients.

Having worked in a corporate environment, I can tell you that people in that lifestyle always appreciate a delicious meal. It really helps get them through the day when work stress has them feeling down. Catering isn’t necessarily something somebody with your background would choose to go into, is it?

RD: My education is not typical of someone in the catering business. I have a degree in finance from NYU School of Business.

From finance to high quality food; that has to be something born out of pure passion. Finance and food are two completely different things, after all. How did you find your way from counting numbers to cutting carrots?

RD: I was 22 years old. My partner was 19. We were young with all the ambition in the world. We really just wanted to be entrepreneurs and build something.

Richard Donato is President of Simply Delicious Catering, a high-end catering company specializing in servicing corporate business meetings and events. Those interested in learning more about Mr. Donato or Simply Delicious Catering can visit the company website at, or call at 201.863.7666. Locals can visit Simply Delicious Catering at 127A Plaza Center, Secaucus, NJ 07094.

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