6 Unique and Clever Ways to Use a Spoon

Paper ice cream cup

My one year old son was trying to eat the end of a slushy with the straw. He had enough innovation to bite the straw until it was flat in order to try and use it to collect more substance. It wasn’t working. He was getting frustrated. That’s when he looked up and saw the silverware holder in the center of the table holding forks, knives and spoons. His eyes lit up; ‘Poon!’ he cried. Of course, a spoon was handed to him and he happily and successfully finished his slushy. My slushy. Anyway, it prompted a thought; as an adult, spoons really are used to eat the most delightful of foods. Gelato, ice cream, frozen yogurt, regular yogurt, pudding and a plethora of other delicious desserts go quite well with a spoon. If you are a soup kind of person then you can add that to your list of great food to eat with spoons. However, spoons are not just perfect utensils to help seduce you into a sugar coma. There are several other uses for them.

Spoons are used quite often in decoration. Usually antiques, engraved spoons or gifts are hung on walls or displayed in china cases. However, it is a recent trend to actual hang ladles, spatulas and cooking spoons from a rack above your sink or oven. This gives double usage: decoration and practical use. If you mix decor with arts and crafts, you’ll find a lot of different and unique statues and shapes that can be made from the utensil.

Small spoons, large spoons, oddly shaped spoons; they’re all available when it comes to jewelry. They can be made into charms or pendants, earrings and more. Most times when a spoon is used in jewelry it is given to someone in significance of something. For example, if someone is a baker or a chef, a spoon pendant might be an appropriate gift. Engraving the pendant makes it that much more sentimental. A spoon handle could even be bent around someone’s wrist as a bracelet. A ring might be a little more difficult to do as it’s so much smaller but don’t rule it out, it’s still a possibility!

Spoons can be used in a lot of different arts and crafts ideas. Especially plastic spoons. For example, a few plastic spoons and some rubber bands makes a great and safe catapult for marshmallows or cotton balls for children. There are a lot of different crafty ideas using spoons all over the internet. If you are looking for something easy, simple and quick to entertain the kids on a rainy day, keep your plastic spoons and you’ll make great use of them someday.

There is actually a card game called ‘spoons’ that requires one less spoon than players and a couple of decks of cards. In short, the idea of the game is much like musical chairs. It’s a fast moving game. Once a player turns over a specific sequence of cards, they will grab a spoon, prompting everyone else to do so as well and the person left with no spoon is out. The game is played in rounds so if you are out in the first round, it could be a long time til you can play again, depending on the amount of players. However, there is a house rule that some allow where the losers are allowed to remain in the circle and if they can grab a spoon in time, they can jump back in the game.

Of course, as an eating utensil but a spoon has always been known to be used as a make up utensil. There are tutorials all over YouTube utilizing the curved edge of the spoon to make the perfect cat eye with liquid eyeliner.

As you can see there are so many different ways that spoons and other utensils can be used. They are not just for the one purpose. Of course, that is usually how they are known but if you look and think hard enough then you will be able to find a whole plethora or uses for your spoons and many other of your household items.

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