5 Important Considerations When Looking for the Right Water Cooler


Hot and cold water coolers are the new alternative to a conventional water dispenser, which although it offers a convenient water supply for drinking it only provides room temperature water, sometimes not so cold or warm as you’d want. Hot and cold water coolers, however, has become useful equipment not only for homes but also in offices and restaurants for supplying cold, moderate and hot water.

In the cold season, hot and cold water coolers can make sure you have a constant supply of hot water for tea or coffee while offer you quench thirsting cold water, particularly during the summer period. Therefore you need to find the best home or office water cooler that can conveniently supply safe water for drinking. However, with the variety of options available in the market, it’s often a challenge to determine which is the right product for you, even knowing what exactly to look for is a problem.

Depending on your application and preference, there are key factors to consider when choosing the best water dispenser that meets your needs and lifestyle. These factors include:

Water Reservoir

The type of water reservoir in a water dispenser can really affect the taste of your water. If you’re cautious about that you may want to consider plastic or stainless steel. But according to common reviews and recommendations on the best type of water reservoirs, most people agree that stainless steel is the best option as plastic tends to give out water with a weird taste of plastic.

Nozzle Size

Water dispensers come in different nozzle sizes depending on the area of application. For commercial water dispensers where people often fill up water using bottles choose dispenser with a small nozzle; all you have to do is insert the bottle right on the nozzle. Home and office water dispensers, on the other hand, can have any nozzle size if you going to use glass for filling.

The Faucets

Some models of water dispensers come designed with a single or two faucets while others come fitted with an additional faucet for hot water dispensing. These, in particular, have an in-built energy switch usually at the back which you can manually use to control the cold and hot water supply, allowing you to reduce energy consumption.

Appliance Size

Size is an important factor when choosing the right appliance for your home or office because they come in a variety of sizes. Consider how much space you have for the dispenser and if space is limited, there are more small appliance options like countertop water coolers that don’t require so much space.


Like there are many different types of units for water dispensing, their prices also vary. But the price of a unit will often be dictated by the brand and its inherent features. Units with high capacity features will be more expensive than those with just basic features of a water dispenser. If you’re working on a budget, then go for something basic. After all, if it can supply both cold and hot water and that’s just what you need, you can do away with other secondary features.

Choosing the Right Hot and Cold Water Cooler

When looking for a water cooler, remember that there are two main options, the bottled and bottleless water cooler. They’re all useful for supplying water but they have distinct features that make each type ideal for a specific use.

Bottled Water Coolers

These are perhaps the most common and widely used type of water coolers and are ideal for home or office use as it offers a lot of conveniences when refilling the empty bottle. All you need is to find a reliable water refilling service that can deliver to your home or office, and also assist with cooler maintenance. You can even stock several bottles of water to ensure you don’t lack cold and fresh water.

Bottleless Water Coolers
Also referred to as a point of use, this type of water cooler doesn’t use a bottle as a water reservoir instead, the unit is directly connected to a water inlet in your house or office and they come fitted with a water filtration system. If you prefer tap water to bottled water, this is the best option.

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