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It was Arthur O. Henry who first used the term filet minion. Filet minion means small boneless meat. In steak it is a piece of beef tenderloin. Today, steaks are part of our regular menu. In fact, for convenience and for highest quality beef, we can even order steaks online. So for you to enjoy your steak, here are tips on cooking them and tips on how to order steak online.

When it comes to cooking steaks, for any beef that you will not use for several days, make sure that you immediately freeze it and store it at 0°F or colder. Now, when it comes to cooking steak, you have to ensure that it is completely dry. Otherwise any moisture will not allow the meat to properly brown. And when it comes to cooking the tender parts or cuts, such as those from ribs and loin, you have to cook them quickly under dry heat and serve them whole.

Now when it comes to buying steaks online, some of the best steaks in the world are from the Midwestern grain fed cattle. It is best therefore to ask for them when you order streaks online. Second, make sure you buy steaks online only from a reputable online steak company. Do not buy steak online from a company just because they offer the beef at discounts or because of free shipping. Choose a company wisely by checking out its website and see where the beef comes from. Check out also the cuts that are available. Finally, once they deliver the steak, see if it is fresh and of high quality, and return if not.

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