Custom Cups, Spoons, Dishes and More Count on This Brand for Your Next Big Event

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Paper ice cream cup
Ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt are just some of the most popular frozen treats in the United States. About 1.5 billion gallons of frozen desserts are produced in the country each year, catering to the 90 percent of households that regularly consume them. Since ice cream and similar frozen sweets are popular at many birthday and holiday parties, summer barb-e-ques and get-togethers, Frozen Dessert Supplies?s custom brand, Uniq, has upped the game with dozens of custom cups and dishes, spoons and lids, containers and more?perfect for your next special occasion.
Uniq offers a wide range of dessert supplies that can be personalized for companies, businesses, or just for fun occasions including parties. With the statistic in mind that the average American consumes frozen desserts 28.5 times a year, this customizable brand provides custom cups, spoons, paper and plastic dishes and to-go containers to accommodate any sweet treat. There are a variety of options to choose from and many reasons to opt for the colorful and personalized supplies they offer.
Uniq specializes in making ice cream cups in many printed colors, patterns, designs, and sizes. Cups are made with high quality paper material and come in various custom prints and sizes to accommodate needs. Gelato cups are the perfect shape and size for the creamy Italian-style treat, and to-go containers come with vented and non-vented lids. Custom cups also come in any size from eight ounces to a half gallon. Need a catchy logo or company name printed on them? Uniq cups can be printed with names, brands, logos, colors, designs, coupons, QR codes, advertisements, messages and more, or, be surprised while an in-house professional design team creates a bold and original design after a free consultation to establish your needs and ideas. Better yet, the design team can give you suggestions and work tirelessly with you to come up with the perfect set of supplies for your next event.
The brand also makes spoons and utensils to make eating more fun and efficient. Spoons come in different weights for optimal storage and usage, and come in any color you wish?some are even color-changing. The multiple designs like curved and slim for optimal comfort and easy gripping, mini tasting spoons, and special gelato spoons are a perfect match for the desired treat and make eating easier. Their wooden spoons can be reused and the long, skinny soda spoons make the usual sticky root beer-float experience much less messy.
Like their cups and gelato dishes, you can find a wide range of lids and drinking cups that can also be customized. Lids come with domed or flat tops and can fit both plastic and paper dessert and drinking cups. Even better? The supplies are disposable but can be used again and again after a simple wash.
All supplies are eco-friendly and can be delivered to you at the lowest prices on the market and with free shipping and delivery. If you?re one of the 40 percent of Americans who will eat ice cream during any given two week period, according to NPD Group research, then you may want to give the best frozen treat supplies retailer a call today. With free quotes and no minimum requirement on orders, you can have the most unique and quickly-delivered party supplies to satisfy every sweet tooth around the table.

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