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Everything You Need to Know About Frozen Treats

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Custom ice cream cup
You’ve got your dessert cup and your tasting spoon. In front of you is ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and even some non-dairy frozen dessert. What differences are there among all these desserts? What are the pros and cons of each? Read on for everything you need to know about frozen treats.
  1. The thing that started it all: ice cream Actually, the first frozen desserts were eaten in Rome and China and involved shaved ice and fruit. However, we’re sticking with ice cream. Ice cream has to have at least 10% milk fat to be called ice cream. High-end ice cream has milk fat closer to 15%. Basically, the more milk fat, the creamier the texture. Ice cream gets churned while it’

A Favorite Comfort Food Gets a Healthy Makeover

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Healthy pizza may sound like an oxymoron but customers are buying the idea. They’re also buying the pizzas, calzones, garlic knots and bread twists inspired by the idea. As pizza chefs get into the act, healthier ingredients are making their way into and onto this favorite food. Crusts, toppings, sauces and even cheeses are feeling the heat as whole grain pizzas make their debut around the world. Purists may feel that their world has come to an end, but will soon discover that taste is not being sacrificed to nutritional value. Commercial floor mixtures and dough sheeters make is easy to dish up the healthy stuff.

Eating healthy is trending
The healthy eating trend has reached the world of pizza. Restaurants, pizza makers and consumers are discovering that healthy

Three Ways to Plan a Party Menu that is also Healthy

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Organic micro greens recipes
Are you planning an upcoming party for a health enthusiast friend? Most parties are catered with comfort foods and high sugared desserts. How can you plan a party that guests are satisfied with, while also keeping your friend?s health consciousness in mind? Here are a few tips for planning a healthy party, without losing the taste.

Serve a wide variety of food items

One of the best ways to reach everyone?s dietary preferences is to serve a wide variety of food items. For example, you might choose to have two different cakes. One cake is the traditional party cake with frosting, sprinkles, and a chocolatey center. The other cake is for those with strict dietary restrictions of preferences. It might be a carrot cake or a traditional cake that is made with gluten free organic mat

What You Need to Do to Automate Your Food Manufacturing Process

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Keeping the food supply safe is important for all companies that produce any foods or beverages. It has been estimated that about 48 million people in the United States, that is one in six, becomes ill every year from foodborne diseases. Approximately three thousand people die from this. In addition to worrying about bacteria, companies need to make sure the food they produce is free of other contaminants. In efforts to make their products as safe as possible, most food manufacturers have turned to automation. In addition to using the right checkweighers and pre-made pouch filling machines, there are other things businesses can do in this area. FoodBev Media has compiled its l

5 Tips for Frozen Yogurt Store Owners to Utilize on Social Media

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While statistics show that the average person in the United States eats ice cream 28.5 times per year, there are many people who prefer consuming frozen yogurt. Many people are dipping their frozen yogurt spoons into these frozen treats all across the country. In fact, statistics gathered from 2013 found that there were estimated to be 2,582 frozen yogurt stores currently in operation. It’s perfectly understandable to want to create and run a successful frozen yogurt business of your own. Many modern business owners are realizing the benefits of utilizing the power of social media to increase awareness with

3 Beneficial Reasons to Purchase Food Packaging Equipment

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It’s imperative for companies to do everything possible to ensure that consumers remain safe. In fact, statistics show that each year nearly 48 million end up sick as the result of foodborne diseases. Considering that, it’s important to consider how the right type of food packaging equipment can help ensure that your business doesn’t have to worry about sick customers. With that in mind, here are three benefits of utilizing a food packaging machine for use with your company.
  1. Showing That Your Company is Making a Positive Impact
    Many savvy business owners want to ensure that customers know their companies are making a positive impact within the world. With that in mind,

What are Crystallized Rose Petals and What are they Used for

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Crystallized rose petals may seem weird, but they serve a variety of purposes. The petals not only taste good but they compliment food and make it look more appealing. The flavor added by these petals is a nice compliment to desserts as well.
Can I Eat Rose Petals?
Wondering what flowers are edible and how many varieties of edible flowers there are? There are perhaps 100 different types of flowers that have edible petals and roses are one of those. The petals are not only edible but each flower has it’s own distinct flavor. This means that teas, salads, desserts and syrups can all benefit from flower petals including rose petals.
Can I

Organically Raised Beef Continues to Increase in Popularity

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Free range meat for sale online
A recent book by Ted Genoways tilt led This Blessed Earth would be an informational read not only for high school classes, because but also any adults who find themselves far removed from the sources of the food that they eat. From beef to pork to chicken, a growing number of Americans are demanding to know more about the food that they serve their families. In addition to being a title that is directly applicable to anyone living in the Midwest, this title also includes a variety of current topics interesting to anyone across the country. From the recent discussions about the location of the Keystone pipeline to the current trends in consumers wanting organically grown and raised plants and animals, This Blessed Earth is packed with information that is important to today?s consu

The Important Of Food Packaging

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Food packaging is an important part of food safety as well as crucial to the continued protection of our environment. And food packaging is even more than that, as it helps to make food even more appealing to the consumers and customers. Food packaging employees and innovators must keep in mind both safety and aesthetic while remaining environmentally conscious to boot.
Having an environmentally friendly or socially conscious message clear in how you package food actually is beneficial to sales. In fact, half of people surveyed said that they are more likely to buy something packaged with a brand that they know to be working towards making a positive environmental or social impact. It’s also important to educate customers and consumers on how to handle the packaging after they have opened it. Ins

Growing Nut Trees At Home

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Organic peanut seeds
It can be hard to grow much in the urban environment, but planting nut trees is one way to add interest to even a small yard and grow something that’s both decorative and also has great nutritional content. According to Harvard, eating two servings of nuts a day might help fight off cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and in Spain a study found that regular nut eaters were 31% less likely to pack on the pounds. The nutritional value of nuts makes this something worth exploring, then, so read on for walnut tree facts, what trees are in the pecan family, and other type of nuts you might be able to raise in your own small yard.

Walnut and Black Walnut

The walnut tree facts are pretty straightforward: nearly all walnut varieties in America are