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Ensure Your Brand Maintains its Positive Image with Effective Food Safety Measures

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There are a variety of measures that can be taken in order to ensure and improve food safety. These include providing the right type of packaging, ensuring proper storage, and having regular food quality inspections. When these measures are in place, it also provides brand protection.

Preventing Harmful Bacterial Growth

In order to prevent harmful bacteria from growing and multiplying in food, proper refrigeration is essential. Since cold temperatures keep this from occurring, refrigerators need to be set at 40 degrees Fahrenheit and freezers should be set a 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Incidence of Foodborne Di

Why America’s Favorite Dessert Will Always Be Ice Cream

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How often do you buy ice cream from the grocery store? What about going out for ice cream at a local shop? Whether or not ice cream is your favorite dessert, you probably still enjoy an ice cream cone every once in a while. Ice cream can be nostalgic for some of us as it reminds of us of summertime or memories when we were young. Nowadays, there are so many different brands and so many different flavors to choose from, that even if you don?t crave ice cream all the time, if you find the right flavor, you may be inspired to indulge a little.

So, how much ice cream do Americans really eat?

Ice cream is a constant in the United States. It remains one of th

Ensure Food Quality, Safety, and Brand Loyalty with the Effective Packaging

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The food and beverage industry is aware how important it is to ensure products maintain their quality and are safe to consume. As a result, the packaging industry has a vital role to play in this process.
Since brand recognition is often tied to packaging, many consumers around the world will reach for products that reflect brands they trust. When consumers recognize a specific brand’s packaging, this will often influence their purchase decisions. This is particularly the case with 52% of worldwide consumers when these brands are known for making positive social and environmental contributions.
Food waste is a national as well as global concern. When effective packaging is used, it has the capacity to reduce food waste. Food sealing machines, such as vacuum sealers, are able to effecti

America’s Love Affair with Bread and Why It Continues

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America has been having a love affair with bread since before she was a country. In fact, most humans everywhere enjoy some type of bread all around the world. It is something that humans have done for over 30,000 years, say many historians. Bread has been a very popular food for thousands of years for many different reasons. On of the main reasons is that it is not too terribly difficult to make. Of course, you need an oven hot enough to bake it in, but if you have that, you only need a couple of key ingredients. Wheat flour is one of the primary ingredients and the other is yeast. Wheat flour is the most popular type of flour that is used for bread baking. It has two proteins

The Importance of Purchasing Grass-Fed and Free-Range Meats and Poultry

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When you shop for, purchase, and prepare beef, pork, chicken, or salmon dishes for you and your family, you want to be sure that it’s always of the highest quality. Not only will high-quality beef, poultry, pork, and seafood taste better, it also has a higher nutritional content and is free from hormones and other potential health hazards.
During 2001, a significant portion of the antibiotics produced in the United States were added to livestock feed. It is estimated that this amounts to 60% to 80% of all the antibiotics produced in this country. Given the proclivity of many health-conscious individuals to avoid taking antibiotics themselves unless absolutely necessary, they certainly don’t want to consume these drugs in their beef. Furthermore, it is a cause of concern that cattle are being given su

Spirits, Wine And Beer What Are Millennials Drinking Lately?

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Alcohol makes the world go ’round. But why, exactly, is that? This is a question that has fascinated many an anthropologist and casual drinker alike for many hundreds of years, with liquor being one of the most consistent elements across all cultures and timelines in human history. It’s a social drink that brings people together. It’s a relaxing addition to any diet that, in moderation, can have positive long-term health benefits. Put simply? Alcohol is pretty darn great. When people go to the liquor store, they often do so for more than just another foodstuff in their pack. They often do so to have a good time wherev

How Coffee Unites the World

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Coffee is that near-impossibility, an everyday beverage that has almost mythical associations in a number of cultures around the world because of all its qualities. It provides the stimulation, inspiration and clarity that fuels more than half the world on any given day. It’s been around for hundreds of years, and is one of the most traded commodities in the world. For a world on the go, it would be impossible to enjoy a daily dose without the humble coffee cups, coffee stirrers and heat sleeves that make it possible to take your coffee with you on the go.

A very short history of the bean
The coffee bean is the seed of the berries of the Coffea shrub, a tropical plant which is native to Africa. It is now grown around the world. The first recorded instance of coffee drinking ca

Tasting Spoons Don’t Need to Be Bland Bring in an Array of Colors

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When it comes time to stock up on tasting spoons, why go with the old-fashioned wooden kind when you can add a pop of color to your ice cream counter. Eating ice cream and other frozen desserts can be even more fun with different colored spoons. Just imagine your customers’ delight at seeing an array of colors, each for tasting a new flavor!
As you’re probably aware, Americans love their ice cream. According to research conducted by NPD Group, in any 2-week period, 40% of people in the United States will reach for this frozen treat. In fact, the average American will actually co

Dieting for Summer? Don’t Give Up the Mexican Food!

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Are you someone who constantly struggles with the desire to eat healthier, yet you have a strong enjoyment of food? It can be difficult to diet successfully when eating is one of your favorite hobbies. In many cases, it seems like Mexican food is the first off the list, when starting a new diet. This, fortunately, does not have to be the case. While there definitely are some unhealthy Mexican food options, some of the best Mexican food is actually healthy for you. If you cannot imagine giving up Mexican food for your diet, consider these healthier Mexican menu options.

Try a Mexican salad dish
Many of the best Mexican restaurants have delici

Pre Made Pouch Filling Machines Can Be a Great Addition to Your Food Manufacturing Process Line

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One of the most important things that people in the packaged food industry have to deal with on a daily basis is the continuous effort to help enhance and improve their processes and to ensure that the best possible quality of food product can be delivered to the customers. This is a continuing effort for most companies that work in the processed or packaged food industry, and one that is often difficult due to the lack of know-how about the latest innovations and technologies in food processing and packaging business. To be honest, over the last couple of decades, there have been many interesting and extremely rewarding innovations in food technology among and processes that wer