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What You Should Know About Event Planning and Catering

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Special event catering services
In our fanciful generation, filled with spectacular event planning and catering like one of Great Gatsby’s parties, you can be sure that your wedding, bar mitzvah, baby shower, sweet sixteen, birthday party, or graduation will need the best ideas when it comes to decor and event catering. Imagine champagne towers, tea sandwiches, live music, hors d’ oeuvres and you’ve got yourself a perfect picture. However, surprisingly, more and more families and brides are searching for simplicity. The interesting part about simplicity is it takes a lot of effort to be simple.
It is thought that being simple has many appealing benefits: there is less of a risk of something going wrong, it should save money, it keeps everyone grounded, there is less event planning and catering involved. At least, this is

3 Reasons Sweets are the Perfect Corporate Business Gift

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Cookie delivery companies
The holiday season is an exciting and happy time filled with gift-giving and general joy. When you get older and start a career in the “real world” one of the things you might be expected to do is come up with corporate business gifts for bosses and coworkers. It’s one of those unwritten rules, sure no ones going to tel you you have to do it, but it sure can’t hurt your popularity around the office.
Coming up with an appropriate and appreciated corporate business gift has become increasingly difficult in today’s world where many people look for a reason to get offended or reason to complain in general. That’s why sweets,

3 Party Snack Ideas You Can Incorporate Classic Salsa Into

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Greek yogurt dip for veggies
Salsa is technically just the Spanish word for sauce, but classic salsa in the form most Americans are familiar with is actually a Mexican-inspired cuisine. Today, there are numerous salsa brands, each with their own individual salsa recipes some spicy, others mild, but they typically all contain tomato, peppers, and onion. Considering nine out of 10 Americans don?t eat enough vegetables daily, classic salsa makes for a smart snack option too.
While chips and salsa makes a great snack option in itself, you might want to go a little farther for your next party or social gathering. Here are three ways to incorporate one of everyone’s favorite snacks, classic salsa, into other party snacks.

  1. Mini Quesadillas: Choose what you want inside, usually a combination of

Hummus A Strong Source of Protein

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Roasted garlic hummus
With the holidays coming up, many people are worried about what’s going to happen to their waistline. With holiday parties, various dips and spreads laid out on the table, or college parties filled with soda and pizza, it’s easy to lose count of the plethora of calories being ingested. If you’re concerned about your weight, or simply want to eat healthy this year, hummus might become your go-to option for eating healthy this holiday season. With tons of hummus brands and flavors at your local grocery store, it’s a wonder why more people don’t eat this tasty and protein packed food.
What is Hummus?
Hummus is a dip that is quickly rivaling other popular items like pico de gallo Continue Reading No Comments

How to Make Sun Dried Tomato Hummus

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Roasted garlic hummus recipe
Hummus dips are easy appetizers guaranteed to agree with even the pickiest eaters. Plus, there are tons of different, delicious types of hummus, like roasted garlic hummus spread, avocado hummus dip, and even jalapeno hummus for the spice lovers. However, it’s sun dried tomato hummus recipes that are really something else.
With that said, here’s one of the best sun dried tomato hummus recipes out there for you to show off at your next get-together (or to make for yourself one night when you decide to binge watch a new show).
Get your ingredients. - The first th

The Only Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe You’ll Ever Need

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Wedding cookies
Soft and chewy, crispy and crunchy — no matter how you like them, cookies are one of America’s favorite hand-held desserts. In fact, Americans eat over 2 billion cookies a year, equaling around 300 cookies for each citizen of the United States. That’s a lot of cookies. And because Americans eat so many cookies, there are a ton of flavors out there. From chocolate chip cookies to snickerdoodle to salted caramel creme, gourmet cookies are becoming an increasingly popular item in today’s foodie-centric culture. More and more, one can find contemporary, nuanced twists on classic cookie combinations.
But what about the old favorites? While tiramisu and lemon pistachio cookies are delicious <

Breath New Life Into Your Cooking with Microgreens

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Uses for crystallized rose petals
Microgreens are great additions to many dishes and meals but you can be forgiven for not knowing much about them, even if you consider yourself to be a ?foodie? because they are still relatively new on scene. Chefs in San Francisco began adding them to their cuisines in the 1980s. It took a while for them to really catch on due to the fact that few people know how to grow microgreens. In fact, the trend stayed in California until about 1998 when they began to pop up on menus across the country. What are microgreens? Microgreens are basically younger versions of many of the salad vegetables most people use all the time such as arugula, Swiss Chart and beetroot. When the leaves are picked jus

What You Need to Know About Spices and Herbs

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Buying spices online
If you enjoy cooking, chances are you love to experiment with different ingredients to put unique twists on your dishes. One of the best ways to do that is through the use of spices and herbs. With just small amounts of one, you can make a big impact. You can also mix and match for new and exciting flavors.
The great thing about using herbs and spices is that you get incredible flavor without using much and while maintaining the healthiness of a dish. This means that not only will you save money by not having to constantly replenish the ingredient, but that you’ll also be able to enjoy healthy cooking.
Herbs and spices such as fennel and dill pollen have amazing health benefits. For example, they all have a

Which Came First, the Ice Cream or the Ice Cream Cup?

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Plastic ice cream cups
Everyone loves ice cream. Whether it be standard gelato, frozen yogurt, or standard custard, everybody has some frozen treat they pine after. Because of this, the ice cream industry is becoming a booming market. Just at the end of 2013, there were an estimated 2,582 frozen yogurt shops, a number which has substantially risen since then.
For all of these shops to function and meet the high demand of their customers, the production of their goods must keep up. Between creating the actual custard, making ice cream cups, and manufacturing plastic tasting spoons, there are a number of facets that go into stocking an ice cream shop.
There is so much demand for t

The #1 Most Unique Place To Have a Wedding in 2016!

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Brunch with santa
You’ve said yes, you’re finally getting used to the feel of the ring on your finger, and everyone says you’re glowing. Now comes the hard part, planning the wedding. And the most important decision you’ll make (after “Will you marry me?”) is where to actually get hitched.
So what are the best places to have a wedding in 2016? No doubt you’re tired of poring over lists of “5 Unique Wedding Places” and “7 Romantic Wedding Places” by now. So we’ll try and mix things up with some wedding venue ideas you haven’t thought of yet.
1. The Trailblazer Package: Cuba
With the U.S. trade embargo with Cuba finally lifted, you can be one of the first Americans to play a destination wedding in Cuba. Not