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How Meat Smokers Can Enhance Your Next Family Cookout

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As spring turns to summer and the weather warms up, you can be sure that Americans are going to get out and grill. That’s especially true on the Fourth of July, when 87 percent of people planning outdoor cooking events for the holiday.
According to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association (HPBA), 75 percent of U.S. households own a smoker or grill. The HBPA also reports that 60 percent of grillers cook outdoors all year-round. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 79.1 million Americans reported grilling in 2016.
With grilling and smoking being such popular summer activities, it’s important to know what you’re doing. Whether you’re using a vault smoker, a stand up smoker, a BBQ pit or carbon steel drum smoker, knowing how to cook your meat perfectly can ensure that your next family cookout is a success.
When it comes to smokers, there are many types and each has their own benefits. Different types of smokers include:

  • Offset Smokers: These are tw

Get Started Powerlifting Today With These 4 Items

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Powerlifting offers a vast number of physical benefits (not to mention the mental satisfaction you’ll get from working out and becoming stronger), but knowledge is key. Running head first into new hobbies, sports, or interests might seem like a good idea, but in powerlifting, you’re liable to do some damage to yourself. We recommend finding someone willing to work with you to share the proper forms required for safe powerlifting and help you set achievable goals. Then, make sure you get a hold of these four vital pieces of powerlifting gear.
  • Knee sleeves: The main purpose of knee sleeves is to protect the knees for future injuries. Essentially, they provide compression which increases blood flow and reduces swelling in the joint during and after a workout. As a result, you’re able to recover quicker and perform better on a day-to-day basis.
  • Powerlifting wrist wraps: The very nature of powerlifting, as described by its name, involved the maneuvering of exceptionally heavy weights. Wrist wraps provide support to your wrist joints during such movements (like presses or overhead lifts). Since injury is quite easy with such a heavy load, wrist wraps make sure your joint isn’t pulled into excessive extension under it.
  • Weight lifting belt: It’s important to remember that powerlifting or doing deadlifts forces your body to experience a lot more strain that it’s used to, so keeping proper form is essential to your continued bodily safety. Weightlifting belts can help you keep that form by reminding you to keep your spine in the correct position, while also helping you maintain abdominal pressure (which stabilizes the spine during heavy lifts).
  • Knee wraps: These are absolutely different from knee sleeves in that they act more like wrist wraps — by supporting the joint through reducing stress and pulling forces on the quadricep tendon, you are able to lift heavier weights (and perform faster) during squats.
There is plenty of powerlifting gear out there, including squat suits and deadlift socks, but we figured we’d leave you with the basics. Considering the fact that a recent study discovered that lifting weights can reduce death from any cause by 31%, it’s time for you to get out there; just be smart about it and get all the tools and information you need first.

Are You Looking for a Way to Eat More Healthy This Holiday Season?

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Your youngest daughter has taken over the holiday decorating, and if she has her way she will also take over the menu planning. She loves to run and has a knack for eating items that are both healthy and tasty. Her latest obsession is organic micro greens and she loves to add them to salads, as well as vegetables. True leaves microgreens offer both a pleasing appearance and the nutrients you need to be your best self. Whether it is a parent selecting menu items for a child or a teenager trying to revamp the foods that her parents are eating, there are a number of ways that can help you end this year eating the best way possible.
From tasty meals at home to elaborate meals at a restaurant, there are many times when organic micro greens can provide the best finishing touch, and taste. Although fancy microgreens and edible flowers were once things that were only seen at the most expensive of res

How has convenience food changed for our fast paced lives?

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Do you find yourself constantly on the run? Meals for people on the run have come along way. You can now quickly grab a bowl of soup and a cup of coffee and be back to work before you know it. Many establishments now have a quick ready to eat display you can choose from besides ordering from the options on the menu board for even faster convenience. What are some of the many to go items that have begun to create a faster paced eating environment for you?
Many people absolutely love the comfort of a hot bowl of soup on a cold winter day. You can find these hot soups readily available in multiple restaurants, grocery stores, and convenient stores as well. Making a nice hot bowl of soup more easily accessible for those on the run. Over 10 billion bowls of soup are eaten by hungry Americans each year.
Coffee bars have become to cater more and more to the fast paced crowd as well. They supply everything from paper cups, stir sticks, creamer, sugar, and all kinds of flavored shots

Tips For Eating A Well Rounded Diet

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Eating well is important, this is something that many of us know to be a fact. From fruits and vegetables to sources of protein, what goes into your diet matters and can have a considerable impact on your overall health. Unfortunately, far too few people actually follow through with this, and the most of us have eaten an unbalanced diet at some point or another, if not on a regular basis.
Getting a fully balanced diet can be hard, especially when you try to do so on a day to day basis. It is currently recommended that the typical adult person consume several cups of fruits as well as several cups of vegetables each and every day. However, the majority of us don’t do this – up to seventy percent of all people living all throughout the United.
Sometimes life just gets in the way. Between work and school and all of the other daily responsibilities of life, it’s no surprise that many people feel rushed for time when it comes to eating and, more importantly, cooking and preparing

What Are The Most Essential Ice Cream Supplies I Should Keep Regularly Stocked?

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What constitutes the ideal ice cream experience?

This is a question you’ll have to answer time and time again to keep up with your customer’s list of demands. Many of these aren’t conscious, either, and have to be assumed based on your own experiences with the average frozen yogurt store. Are you providing plenty of classic flavors alongside your more unique blends? Do you make sure you always have a plastic spoon and fun dessert cup on standby for customers on-the-go? Figuring these little things out now will ensure everyone who comes through your doors has a tasty memory they won’t soon forget.

Make sure these five supplies are regularly stocked throughout the year so you can get used to success!

Plastic Spoon

The plastic spoon is a classic staple of any ice cream shop. You don’t just expect customers to bring their own eating utensils, do you? A recent study found a staggering 90% of American households regularly indulging in a s

Serve Ice Cream In Your Parties with Paper Cups and Plastic Spoons

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If you are trying to organize and execute any kind of party or event, one of the main things that you have to get right is the food. Having the right food can really elevate any party or event and this is where thinking out of the box and making decisions that are smart and insightful can really make a difference. Apart from the right lunch or dinner menu, you also need to make sure that you serve food that is pleasurable and enjoyable. In this country, this means that one of the most automatic choices that you can make is to serve frozen desserts. Frozen desserts of different kinds like gelato cups and ice cream cups have been extremely popular in this country for many decades and you can leverage that popularity to make your party or event more successful. Serving good quality frozen treats like frozen yogurt cups or ice cream using paper ice cream cups

new Reefer Trailers for Sale and More

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Across the country, the transportation industry is making big adjustments thanks to new forms of technology and forward-thinking ideas. For instance, reefer trailers are a new wave in the industry of transportation and this is helping out countries tremendously. Now, it is important to understand what reefer trailers are in order to understand why these are such a valuable form of a trailer. Therefore, here are the fats on new reefer trailers for sale.
Across the globe, the refrigerated trailer market projects to have a compound annual growth rate, CAGR, of nearly 5% until the year 2022. Now, simply put, new reefer trailers for sale are just refrigerated trailers. As a result, it is easy to understand why this is a new, valuable form of transportation for many businesses that need to move products stored at a certain temperature.
Reefer Trailers Explained
As previously mentioned, new reefer trailers for sale are going to be big trailers that use techno

The Importance Of Using Only Reclaimed Wood From Sustainable Sources

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Wood plays a very important role in the world, and particularly here in the United States. Wood is not only used for many different functional purposes, but can be used for the purpose of desrign and decoration as well, such as can be seen in the ever growing use of reclaimed table tops like environmentally friendly tables and reclaimed wood siding. Wood can provide an easy way to achieve a rustic look, a trend that has only continued to grow all throughout the country, popular in weddings, home decor, and the decoration of commercial spaces (such as restaurants) as well. However, it is hugely important to only use wood responsibly like for environmentally friendly tables. As you probably already know, wood comes from trees, and trees provide us with oxygen. When we cut down too many trees, we are opening ourselves up to any number of problems, from reducing the amount of oxygen that is put out in the world to disrupting the natural

4 Ways to Include Tech in Your Sweet Shop

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Desserts certainly remain popular throughout the world, especially the United States. In fact, statistics show that there are nearly 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and other desserts produced in America annually. With that in mind, many people profit from the popularity of desserts by opening their own sweet shops. If you currently own a frozen yogurt store, you’ll want to have the power of technology on your side. Considering that, here are four benefits of including tech into your frozen yogurt business.

  • Create an App for Your Business
    Many companies are realizing how beneficial it is to have an app. It’s understandable that many business owners might not be able to create these on their own. Considering that, there are many services that can create apps for your business. With that in mind, make sure that you’re implementing s