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Seafood in Cajun Cuisine and the Health Benefits for Americans

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There is much to consider of Cajun cuisine and its special nature. Delicious seafood of all sorts is available in the Bayou, with crawfish being one of the most popular items. Throughout this area, Creole and Cajun cuisine are two different foods and cultures that you have the ability to experience. They are not far apart, a mere 70 miles. There is a great deal to experience in the area at all times of the year.

History of Cajun Cuisine in the U.S.

Cajun food dates back to the 18th century in America. It exists throughout the southern states and came into the country with Acadian immigrants who had fled Canada at the time. Now, Cajun specialties are known for their hearty and spicy flavor along with being an overall unique menu.

Amazing Crawfish and Cajun Cuisine

While it is not a food that you would consider trying when you live outside the Gulf Coast, crawfish is an amazingly popular form of Continue Reading No Comments