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The Use of Modern Reefer Truck Trailers

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It is safe to say that trucks are the backbone of modern shipping and trading in North America, and the United States and Canada make ample use of trucks of all shapes and sizes. These nations are strong trading partners, and a lot of this trade is done at the U.S.-Canada border with countless trucks. The cargo may vary, and this means that truck types are built to match. For cold items such as groceries, a reefer unit will be used. A carrier reefer may be found wholesale by truck carrier companies, and a new reefer trailer or a gently used one can be a fine investment. What is a reefer trailer, anyway, and how can a carrier manager find the best wholesale reefer units? A newer manager may not be sure how to choose a used reefer trailer, but “how to choose a used reefer trailer” can be searched online for suggestions. A newer manager may also consult experts on how to choose a used reefer tra