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7 Interesting Facts About the Cashew

Written by Healthy Eater. Posted in Cashew seeds for sale, Peanut flour nutrition, Peanut flour uses

If you enjoy eating various types of nuts, you’re making wise nutritional decisions. Numerous studies have shown that regular consumption of nuts has been linked to increased brain function. In addition, research from Harvard University found that have two servings of nuts each day can help reduce the presence of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease within the body. Considering that, one of the most popular types of nuts is the cashew. With that in mind, here are seven interesting facts about the cashew nut.

  1. Cashews Make Great Thickeners
    Many people use cornstarch as a thickening ingredient for sauces. However, you might be surprised to find that cashews can work just as well for this purposes. Cashews are known to contain high amounts of starch. When cooking, starches are utilized for their ability to thicken many foods including sauces.

  2. Great Source of Protein
    There are many benefits of cashew nuts. One of